Our Vision

UPRTA VisionUPRTA is an international aviation organization dedicated to advancing the highest standards of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. Founded upon a comprehensive, integrated approach to upset training, UPRTA is committed to quality-assured programs for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training providers and training program developers and instructors. A critical element of the UPRTA mission is the instance on UPRT best practices in addition to the industry-wide adherence to optimized principles and guidance specified in internationally-recognized publications and relevant national aviation authority requirements.


We Implement Effective Upset Training to Save Lives Globally.


UPRTA is relentlessly dedicated to elevating the standards, quality, and effectiveness of upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) at all levels of aviation to inspire and shape a paradigm shift in training to overcome the threat of loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) worldwide.

Core Values

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Instructional Excellence
  • Best Practices
  • Transparency

Improving the Safety of Air Travel

UPRTA’s goals include:

1. Increasing system safety in all phases of flight from general aviation through commercial airline transportation operations,

2. Reducing Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) incidents and accidents through enhanced pilot knowledge, hands-on experience, and airmanship,

3. Standardizing upset training methods through the adoption of the consistent use of terminology and proven-effective instructional techniques, and

4. Developing standards for quality assurance and to mitigate the serious risk of UPRT instructor drift.

UPRTA is a transparent organization committed to full-exposure to regulators, industry leaders, airplane manufacturers, air carriers, insurance agencies, and safety managers. Further, UPRTA specifically seeks to work with stakeholders to develop and implement ever-evolving best practices necessary to assuring the safe and effective delivery of on-airplane upset training, using mission-appropriate airplanes and equipment, under the tutelage of professional and qualified instructors.