UPRTA Upset Training Program Standards

ICAO UPRT ManualUPRTA-recommended training programs are based on knowledge gained from three decades of experience in the delivery of upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), enhanced stall/spin awareness flight instruction and advanced maneuvering flight training to professional pilots. These training programs are applicable to flight schools, general aviation, corporate flight departments, and airline flight operations. UPRTA’s oversight role is guided by insistence on the highest standards towards the delivery of safe, effective UPRT:

  • Course content and recovery techniques are directly applicable to the vast majority of fixed wing aircraft including GA, multi-engine, business jet and transport category airplanes
  • Training Program content is based on the principles defined by ICAO Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (ICAO UPRT Manual), IATA best practices, FAA circulars (and EASA equivalents) to include AC 120-123 Flightpath Management, AC 120-111 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, and AC 120-109a Stall Prevention and Recovery Training
  • Core concepts are founded on a systematic process of refined building-block instruction techniques that universally stimulate accelerated learning and practical skill development
  • Instructional techniques, progress tracking and evaluation methodology ensures consistency of training between instructors and operating facilities.

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