Istanbul, Turkey: Upset Recovery / ICATEE Briefing

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Note to Viewers: The audio for this presentation was recorded from the audience so is not ideal. Please adjust your volume to a higher than usual level. Also, the slides are being advanced to estimate the position of the speaker during the presentation (based on a provided audio recording from Turkey). The slides shown in the video are accurately aligned with the audio most of the time but jumping around here and there is required. We apologize if it is a bit distracting.

Loss of Control In-Flight: Training Foundations & Solutions

Presented by:
Randall Brooks, Senior Director of Training at Opinicus Corporation

This presentation in Istanbul, Turkey, at the European Airline Training Symposium in November 2010 addresses the Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) Threat to commercial aviation worldwide. The presentation makes a brief overview of historical advancements and how the very effort of streamlining technological commercial aviation training may have reduced the typical line pilot’s ability to mitigate LOC-I on the line. The progress of RAeS’ international ICATEE initiative is presented to provide an ‘as of today’ update on it’s progress. In addition, the fundamental concepts around which ICATEE, and the aviation industry, is using to address LOC-I through a graduated approach to flight training augmentation is presented.

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