AF447 Update Implies Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I)

For official information, download the 27 May 2011 update report titled ACCIDENT TO THE AIRBUS A330-203 FLIGHT AF 447 ON 1ST JUNE 2009


At this stage of the investigation, as an addition to the BEA interim reports of 2 July and 17 December 2009, the following new facts have been established:

  • The composition of the crew was in accordance with the operator’s procedures.
  • At the time of the event, the weight and balance of the airplane were within the operational limits.
  • At the time of the event, the two co-pilots were seated in the cockpit and the Captain was resting. The latter returned to the cockpit about 1 min 30 after the disengagement of the autopilot.
  • There was an inconsistency between the speeds displayed on the left side and the integrated standby instrument system (ISIS). This lasted for less than one minute.
  • After the autopilot disengagement:
    • the airplane climbed to 38,000 ft,
    • the stall warning was triggered and the airplane stalled,
    • the inputs made by the PF were mainly nose-up,
    • the descent lasted 3 min 30, during which the airplane remained stalled. The angle of attack increased and remained above 35 degrees,
    • the engines were operating and always responded to crew commands.
    • The last recorded values were a pitch attitude of 16.2 degrees nose-up, a roll angle of 5.3 degrees left and a vertical speed of -10,912 ft/min.
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